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The main purpose of youth exchanges is to foster the international mobility and intercultural learning of young European citizens.


Training courses are projects lasting up to 10 days, financed by the Erasmus Plus programme.


We coordinate the European Solidarity Corps programme, also known as ESC, for sending and receiving Italian and foreign volunteers internationally.

about us

The association was founded in July 2013 in Genoa by a group of young people who share experiences, common interests and the same sense of belonging to the world. 

The motivation that drives P.E.CO. to start this adventure is the will to give young people from Liguria the opportunity to live international and educational experiences, distinguishing itself as one of the few organisations active on the territory in the field of Youth Exchanges and the only one active for the European Solidarity Corps.

The association works in synergy with non-profit organisations and public institutions at local level. P.E.CO. deals with the planning and coordination of international mobility and volunteering projects promoted by the European Community such as cultural exchanges, training courses and European voluntary service.

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Genova, Italia