International Exchanges

A unique experience that will allow you to discover Europe, break down barriers and learn new languages

What are
international exchanges?

The main purpose of international exchanges is to foster international mobility and intercultural learning for young European citizens. During these intercultural gatherings, not only the personal growth of young people is fostered, but also an effective exchange of knowledge, views, ideas and initiatives between people from different cultural backgrounds. For these reasons, international exchanges are a valuable opportunity for intercultural, social and language learning.

The role of Associazione P.E.C.O

Associazione P.E.CO. deals with intercultural exchanges, initiatives planned and financed by the European Commission within the framework of the European Erasmus Plus programme, with the aim of encouraging international mobility, intercultural exchange, and the growth of active participation and active European citizenship in young people.Ma cos’è uno scambio internazionale? Un’opportunità di breve durata, dai 6 ai 15 giorni, durante cui giovani tra i 13 e i 25 anni e provenienti da diverse nazioni europee e non, si incontrano per condividere, apprendere, scambiare le proprie idee, punti di vista e background culturali su argomenti significativi come l’ambiente, l’arte, l’educazione civica. Le attività sono coordinate e implementate da formatori ed educatori sulla base di principi di educazione non formale e apprendimento interculturale.

How much does it cost and how to apply?

As with the other Key Actions of the Erasmus Plus programme, international exchanges are also funded by the European Commission, which covers the costs of board and lodging and makes available a budget that varies according to kilometre bands for reimbursement of travel costs.

Intercultural exchanges can take place in Italy or in another country and involve both dialogue and discussion and practical activities such as workshops, exercises, role-playing games and artistic and creative workshops. In this way, participants improve their linguistic and expressive skills also through a continuous exchange with foreign participants.

During intercultural exchanges, the atmosphere of strong aggregation and socialisation is intertwined with internationality and the chance to get to know new places, thus providing a unique opportunity for non-formal learning and fun.

Why go for an intercultural exchange?


It is a great opportunity to travel for free and discover beautiful new countries


It is a great opportunity to learn a new language and discover new cultures

make friends

During these experiences you will have the opportunity to make new friends from all over Europe


You will have the opportunity to practise English through activities and with other participants


Read testimonials from those who have already gone through a similar experience


"Before learning about European projects, my knowledge was limited. Since I started to participate in EU-funded projects, and thus to travel around the world and Europe, my vision has changed a lot."
“Participating to the Youth Exchange "TikTok... Time for Stories” was a great experience, starting from the learning pathway on social media and thanks to the intercultural environment that allowed me to exit my comfort zone and make new friends!"


No, no qualification is necessary, anyone can apply.

In general, no, you do not need to have a specific level of English. For some projects, a minimum level of English may be required, but this is specified in the description.

Yes, it is possible to apply together with a friend. However, applications must be submitted individually and it is not certain that both will be accepted. The best thing to do in such cases is to contact the sending organisation and ask them.

Yes, you must be a member of P.E.C.O. in order to start. Once the annual fee has been paid, you can participate in all projects offered by P.E.C.O. during the calendar year.