Pictures of me Pictures of you: migration, photography and journalism

The international exchange “Pictures of me, pictures of you”, which was held in San Desiderio – on the heights of Genoa – from 5 to 13 April 2014, involved 30 young people between 18 and 25 years old from Italy, France, Greece, Romania, Slovenia and Turkey.

The theme of the exchange was the migration, interpreted by participants through photography and journalism: they interviewed a group of migrants, having the opportunity to discover and understand their history and their process of adapting to a different society.

The whole experience was enclosed in various photo essays, on display at Giardini Luzzati on April 11th, representing the stories of migrants with the desire to debunk stereotypes about foreigners and to focus on their experience. On the occasion of the photo exhibition, the Information Centre of Genoa hosted a presentation of the Erasmus + programme.

In addition to this, the participants experienced eight days of intense intercultural learning and social inclusion through non-formal education activities, tours, and outdoor activities.

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