Picture of You picture of Me II

The youth exchange “Picture of you picture of me II” focusing on social inclusion was held from June 26th to July 5th in San Desiderio, Genova, involving the participation of 36 young people coming from Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Ireland and the UK.

The participants had the chance to discover some marginalised realities in the city of Genova. The visited in particular the associations Princesa, A.N.F.F.A.S., San Marcellino and Il Ce.Sto. These associations gather people with different stories, who were asked by the participants to share their emotions and thoughts. Participants used the tools of journalism, photography, and video-making to catch images, words and emotions. They also made an exposition of their work at the former mental house in Quarto, Genova. The exposition was a success, and the people responsible for the event that hosted the exposition asked P.E.CO. to extend it, and even to present it during the final day of the event.

The participants had the opportunity to find out about some realities that are often unknown or neglected. They could face the “different”, they could meet people who too often are excluded from the life in the society and forgotten. The project “Picture of you picture of me II” gave the participants the chance to approach with empathy some people who have a lot to share, and they came home with lots of thoughts, reflections and a new spirit of welcoming and of desire of meeting “the other”.

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